Living wholeheartedly as co-founder of Earth Yoga Studio, author, teacher and mentor of yoga teachers around the world, Shannon is a spoken word artist, poet, sacred storyteller and TedX speaker. Shannon infuses her bodies of work, practices, yoga trainings, webinars and speeches with a fullness of artful living and passion for life and experiences on and off the yoga mat. Her instruments of instruction and expression are detailed and clear, while woven through a seemingly fluid progression of imagery, poetry and truth.  She encourages and supports the reader and practitioner to unlock the secrets held in the human heart, release stuck patterns that no longer serve, and attain new levels of integrated and expressive embodiment.  She is described, by many who have experienced her, as “confidently vulnerable” and, as a result is one who inspires positive change in the lives of others. Off the mat, she loves to wake surf, run, and spend time galloping on horseback.

Shannon is a loving wife-to-be and a summer / wake surf enthusiast. Based out of Boulder, Colorado from her home studio, Earth Yoga,Shannon globe trots to deliver transformative talks, workshops, trainings and retreats.


During the last months my personal connection to Yoga has been ignited thanks to the guidance of Shannon Paige.  Shannon has been mentoring me for several months and has helped me grow as a student and teacher.  She has challenged me to be great and to exceed her expectations.  I have never worked so diligently before and am beyond grateful for her wisdom.  She has helped me develop my methodology through questioning of how I will convey the sacredness of Yoga and also with a deepened study of spiritual texts.  The most important aspect I will take away from Shannon's teachings is, to become a masterful teacher,  you must always remain a student.  Thank you for creating a containership for me to shine.

- Brooke Coletta


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The School of Embodied Poetics, founded by Shannon Paige, ERYT 500, offers a wide variety of study directions for the curious and committed practitioner of finding a deepened practice or the yoga teacher interested in cultivating a foundational teaching practice, refining an advancing teaching practice, or steeping deep into one’s gifts and niche.

As Shannon is what many consider a 'hyper-creative', her body of work is ever-expanding and creatively reaching new horizons of student and student teacher service, influence, and inspiration.

She strives to ignite her students’ and student teachers’ creativity in a similar fashion: it uplifts the yoga world and greater world to have us ALL dive into our natural abilities, courageously engage our genuine “opportunities” for growth, improvement and education, and to strive to refine our expanding skills. THIS IS HOW WE, ALL OF US, REMAIN EVOLUTIONARY BEINGS!


 At the age of 21 Shannon battled with cervical cancer ferociously….and won. Although she had survived cancer, the battle with depression, especially the pressure and anxiety of how she should feel “lucky” for having survived, nearly crippled her. She narrates how many people, after surviving life threatening circumstances, are also robbed of the ability to smile for real, the ability to connect, and the ability to hope.

“Depression is hard. Depression is gross. And Depression is Mean.” A doctor stepped in and told her to get back into her body, volunteer, and do yoga. For Shannon, the battle with depression was actually as hard as battling cancer.

Through this, Shannon discovered that while, yoga can’t heal depression, getting into your body can change the mind and create a state of empowerment, stability, and release.