ChangeGod places a lotus seed in the muck, in the mud, in the filth, in the undesired. As if hiding it, a treasure for later revelation. Some might say a strange place for safe-keeping For it’s journey would not be effortless Towards its end and seems a mismatch For the precious gift it is meant to bestow The God Seed holds both shadow in its great concealment and faithful intention for the light… a precise point the universe means to make. The sacred nut contains the template for Great Love. The center embraces only to offer the promise of embodied life-long change. No matter how it is buried and conditions press it’s waiting, There is an uncontrollable call of wanting. I can’t imagine its path, its pain so great, except to source my own and to remember sending uncertain roots down and tender tendrils up – Through filth it fights It’s path my own. To the surface of blinding light, piercing truth, seeing sun Where its gentle blossom reveals without shame, Its seeking, sought, whole-hearted bloom The lotus retains the muck on the outer most petals, a reminder of temporality, aim through great pain, Refusing the stain as shame For the unique opportunity to be seen, To be fully seen.