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Shannon Paige Yoga Embody Mandala 300

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How to Proceed

Step 1: Read about the Program. This is ROBUST page and can inspire both passion and questions!

Step 2: Email Shannon at movingmuse@gmail.com to gain access to our free Drop Box Mandala 300 Interest File which houses informational videos, recorded asana classes, course descriptions and deeper details.

Step 3: I am HAPPY to hop on call and discuss this amazing program and your potential entrance into it.

Step 4: Look at the Schedule / Calendar below and make your plans!


$3108, Early Bird. In Advance of Program.

$3508, Installment Plan, across 12 months,

  • $500 non-refundable deposit required to register.

  • $502 per month, 6 - month Payment Plan

  • $252 per month, 12 - month Payment Plan

Pay Per Module May Be Available, Upon Request.

Also, Limited Number of Partial Scholarships are Available, Based on Financial Need. All tuitions paid are non-refundable.

Embody Mandala 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

With Founder Shannon Paige, ERYT 500, Registered with Yoga Alliance

….Be more than a good teacher. Be more than a great teacher.

“Be an irreplaceable teacher.” – Rod Stryker.

My Goal is help YOU become that inspired and irreplaceable teacher. You will leave this program confident in YOUR knowledge, methodology and original content. 

To meet that aim, I have created an exceptional, inspired and evolutionary teacher’s study. It marries cutting edge science, biomechanics, and wise psychology with ancient wisdom traditions of yoga, mythology, and mysticism. The result is a progression of modules that builds your knowledge, leverages your authentic gifts, and builds your and  authentic voice.

Across the program, attend: embodiment sessions, lectures, practicums, webinars, a service outreach, and a one-to-one mentorship with me. Upon completion, you will have a created a professional package that you will feel inspired and ready to offer. 

As a Mandala of study, the program expands skills intelligently, as it maps and layers the most relevant and creative directions of yoga teaching skills.

This Program is Modular

Engage Modules in any Order.

Rolling Enrollment. On-Going Program.

Jump in Anytime.

Progress at Your Own Rate. Complete in One to Three Years.


Each Teacher who engages this program experiences:

  • Seven Main Modules - Covering all Directions and Depths of Asana, Myth, Anatomy and Methodology

  • Electives - Take 127 Content Hours - Select to Amplify Gifts and Successfully Aim Your Body of Work

  • Five One-to-One Mentoring Sessions with Shannon - To Support Your Professional and Personal Growth

  • Professional Yoga Portfolio - In Person & Online Support, Comprehensive Content and Marketing Materials

  • Comprehensive Manuals for Each Module - Over 1000 Pages in Material, Power Points, and Articles

  • Catalog of Archived Audio and Video - Content Support and Review of Lectures and Asana Practices

Not all Yoga Teacher Trainings are Created Equal.

To advance yourself as a yoga professional, it is imperative that you: source your gifts, fill in knowledge and skill gaps, and support and nurture your passion. and empower the offering  and body of work YOU WANT to offer.

Graduate this program with YOUR voice and message uplifted, not a blanket teacher training syllabus fulfilled. You will not leave able to mimic my teaching style and methodology. Rather, you will be able to leverage this sound methodology to refine your own. I am deeply dedicated to the personal and professional growth of you, someone committed to becoming an exceptional yoga professional able to express evolutionary skills and an empowered teaching style. To this end, you will be pressed and pushed and supported and held to the highest offering YOU have to give.

YOUR Professional Teaching Portfolio

This Advanced YTT SETS YOU UP FOR SUCCESS!! To truly set ourselves, apart, as teachers of contemporary yoga, we each need materials that reflect our passion, personality, experience and aim for teaching yoga. The materials below will help your students know better who you are, as well as what and how you teach. This is what we do. Each module aims you at discovering your authentic voice, honing it, backing it up with skills and knowledge and producing the below elements of a professional portfolio.

Leave this program with a comprehensive portfolio to truly give you a leg up in the industry:  a professional yoga marketing package to reflect Your Core Message:

  • A Clear and Well-Messaged Website (Square Space) with authentic content

  • ‘Professional’ Headshots (2)

  • ‘Professional’ Asana Photographs (3)

  • ‘Professional’ Action - Teaching Photograph

  • A Professional Bio

  • A Professional Social Media Identity and Plan

  • A 3 Minute Video Bio

  • 1 - 60 Minute YouTube Video Class.

  • 2 - 40 Minute Audio Classes.

  • 3 - 10 Minute Guided Meditations.

  • A 12 Month Marketing, Roll Out Plan

  • A 12 Month Professional Programming Calendar and Execution Plan

  • A 12 Month Professional Study and Skill Enhancement Calendar and Execution Plan

  • Twenty Amazing Classes (Produced as Downloadable Templates to sell or provide to your students)

  • 2 Focused Workshops, Descriptions and Planned

  • 1 Retreat, Description and Planned

  • A 20 Minute Audition Class, Ready to Go!

You will leave the program with clear and determined skills, in addition to the professional materials to demonstrate such. Give yourself a practical and professional edge.

Other Benefits of Your Mandala Program Involvement

  • 3 Months Unlimited Yoga at Earth Yoga Boulder (Bring a Friend for only $5 per class).

  • One year unlimited yoga at Gaia.com.

  • One month unlimited yoga at yogadownload.com

  • Unlimited Practice Teaching Studio Time (schedule permitted around scheduled Earth classes and programs).

  • A letter of recommendation and testimonial from Shannon, upon completion of all requirements.

  • 5 One-to-One Mentorship Sessions with Shannon.

The Programming Schedule -

Please view the Full Programming Schedule at this link for all dates, main modules and electives.

The Seven Main Modules

These main modules comprehensively cover all major families of asana, a mandala of peak asanas, six major methods of sequencing, and a broad spectrum of contemporary and ancient wisdom.

Seven Main Module Immersions

Each Weekend is 20 Contact Hours, 20 CEU on Saturday and Sunday, generally between the hours of 9a - 7p.

Each Mandala, Advanced YTT Participant engages these seven main modules by attending each of the:

  • Four Direction Immersions and Triadic Heart Immersions

These are each scheduled, currently, through 2020. Scroll Down for Full Calendar. Each of the seven main modules is produced a minimum of once per year.


Four Cardinal Directions to Anchor, Apply and Expand Knowledge and Skill Across the Art and Science of Yoga. These are four of the Seven Main / Core Modules.

These primary divisions and directions move as modules across the most foundational, effective, and useful methods and techniques of authentically engaging and teaching yoga:

  • North             –                       The North Weekend Module to Create Content and Cultivate Meaning

  • East                –                       The East Weekend Module for Effective Teaching Techniques Across All Levels

  • South             –                      The South Weekend Module to Inspire a Teacher and Student's Life In Balance

  • West               –                       The West Weekend Module to Uplift and Inspire The Art of Being Seen and Heard

Each of these weekend modules follow an inspired, yet practical map of :

  • Asana, Embodiment, Authentic Action, and Transmission

  • Movement Methodology

  • Advanced and Applied Sequencing

  • Applied and Engaged Anatomy

  • Hands On Adjustments

  • Creative Prop Inspiration and Use

  • Verbal Expression

  • Contemporary Textual Study

  • Student to Teacher Relationship Building

  • Daily Yoga Engagement


The energy of Hindu mythology beautifully vibrates between ‘seed’ nature and ‘growing’ nature.

These main module immersions inspire the advancing yoga teacher across and through the divine pairings of the three primary archetypes of creation, sustenance, and dissolution.

The devi and deva, light-being, stories (goddess and god stories), myths, symbols and agencies up-level inspiration, engagement, and application of the ancient to the contemporary.

Understand what is meant by the ‘Triadic Heart’ in each of these divine energies, separately and together:

  • Creation                   –                       Saraswati and Brahma

  • Sustenance              –                       Lakshmi and Vishnu

  • Dissolution                –                       Durga and Shiva

Each of these weekend immersions deeply steeps you in applied:

  • Asana, Embodiment, Authentic Action, and Transmission

  • Movement Methodology

  • Myth and History

  • Ancient Textual Study

  • Techniques of Myth and Philosophical Study

  • Community and Connection

  • Verbal Expression

  • Ritual and Tradition


In Addition to the Seven Main Modules Listed,  engage 127 hours of elective content.

Electives are produced across a wide variety of topics and bodies of study: mythical immersions, cultural explorations, historical discoveries and discussions, therapeutics, teaching skill enhancements, and skills of yoga business acumen.

Elective Modules

  • Each module states either its location or webinar status.

  • Each module is 5 - 54 Contact Hours, 5 - 54 CEU.  

  • All webinars are recorded; therefore, you are not required to be present for the exact presentation hours; however, your hours reviewing the video and audio materials will be tracked for credit. Several webinars are always available. Others are available only at and after the production date.

  • Full descriptions of each are available at the Mandala Interest File, email Shannon directly, movingmuse@gmail.com.

  • You are welcome to select any of the elective modules that help support your education and developing skill sets as a teacher of yoga.

  • Electives may be taken in any order and may be engaged while working through the Main Modules. There is no hierarchy to the information.

  • Electives produced in locations other than Earth Yoga Boulder, Boulder, CO may require special permission and / or a supplemental tuition fee.

  • Adventure, Advanced, and Retreat Electives have supplemental fees, as they are financially outside of the scope of the Mandala program.

Mandala Electives:

Not all electives are available in within each calendar year. Please, scroll below for the calendar.

In person and webinar selections:

  • Poetry in Motion: Anatomy in Action (20 CEU)

  • Yoga Therapeutics 101 (10 CEU)

  • Advanced Therapeutics (10 CEU)

  • Advanced Artful Sequencing (10 CEU)

  • Confident Beginners - Effectively Teach Beginner Yoga (15 CEU)

  • Approachable Ayurveda (10 CEU) Published and archived: available as an immediate webinar!

  • Life Tasting! Passion Finding! Mystic Living! (10 hours)

  • Lakshmi Lessons: Yoga Business Acumen (10 hours)

  • Yoga for Emotional Intelligence (20 CEU)

  • History of Yoga and Tantra, An Idea Immersion (15 CEU)

  • Mantra and Meditation (5 CEU)

  • Myths, Meaning & the Heroes Journey (10 CEU) Published and archived: available as an immediate webinar!

  • Mythical Mystical Heart Immersion (20 CEU)

  • The Goddess Immersion (10 CEU) Published and archived: available as an immediate webinar!

  • The Sari, The History of the Women and The Sari Across India(5 CEU)

  • Navratri, Nine Nights of the Goddess Immersion (15 CEU)

  • Diwali, Festival of Lights, Cultural Immersion (5 CEU)

  • His, Hers, Ours: A Slow Flow and Restore Myth Immersion (15 CEU)

  • Love’s Point of View: You. Love Myth Immersion (15 CEU)

  • Jai Ganesha! A Myth Immersion into Ganesha and Gateways (10 CEU)

  • Jai Hanuman! A Myth Immersion into the Shapeshifting Heroism of LOVE, Immersion (10 CEU)

  • Bhagavad Gita – A Mythic Immersion (10 CEU)

  • Yoga Sutras – Engaged and Alive (10 CEU)

  • Ramayana - Engaged and Alive (10 CEU)

  • The Radiance Sutras - A Myth Immersion (10 CEU)

  • Mahabharata Exposed (20 CEU) Published and archived: available as an immediate webinar!

  • Hatha Yoga Pradipika – Engaged and Alive (10 CEU)

  • Who Were the Mystics!? (10 CEU)

  • Anjali Method - Meditation and Restorative Mystics Immersion (108 CEU) These may be taken in any order.

    • Pillar One - Anjali Soulful Slow Flow and Restore

    • Pillar Two - Anjali Restorative Yoga (Includes: Shanti Shakti, Chakra, Bhagavad Gita Bravery and Ganupati)

    • Pillar Three - Anjali Meditation

    • Pillar Four - Anjali Mindfulness

  • Anjali Shanti Shakti Restorative Yoga Immersion (15 CEU) Published and archived: available as an immediate webinar!

  • Anjali Chakra Restorative Yoga Immersion (15 CEU) Published and archived: available as an immediate webinar!

  • Anjali Bhagavad Gita Bravery Restorative Yoga Immersion (15 CEU) Published and archived: available as an immediate webinar!

  • Anjali Ganupati Restorative Yoga Immersion (15 CEU) Published and archived: available as an immediate webinar!

Adventure Electives:

  • Paddle Board Yoga Teacher Training (27 CEU), $450 Supplemental, Attendance is Limited

  • Wake Surf and SUP / Paddle Board Immersion (18 CEU), $450 Supplemental, Attendance is Limited

  • Tree Bathing and Ute Indian Tree Education Immersion, Colorado Springs (10 CEU), $250 Supplemental

Advanced Alumni Electives / Extension Programs:

  • Advanced Teacher Trainer Preparation and Curriculum Development (54 CEU)

    • This Advanced Mentorship Program to Teach our EMBODY YTT 200, on your own.

    • $540 - $750, supplemental fee. Available only to Mandala Alumni.

  • Curriculum Development, Create Your Own Teacher Training and Modality (108 CEU)

    • This Advanced Mentorship Program to Teach your own style of YTT 200.

    • $1008, supplemental fee. Available only to Alumni.

Retreat Electives:

  • Yoga / Surf - Cabo Mexico, Immersion in Waves of Inspiration (54 CEU) Assistant or Participant Availability.

    • Surf and Yoga Skill Advancement Retreat, 2020 Dates TBA

      • This is a supplemental program and requires registration and a supplemental investment.

        • Mandala Assistants, $1508, only two assistant / or alumni positions available

  • Sicily, Love and Me, Retreat Immersion into a European Essence (54 CEU) Assistant or Participant Availability.

    • Delights, Sights and Yoga Skill Advancement Retreat, 2020 Dates TBA

      • This is a supplemental program and requires registration and a supplemental investment.

        • Mandala Assistants, $1997, only two assistant / or alumni positions available

  • Tour of India, Sacred Endeavor (54 CEU) - Assistant or Participant Availability.

    • North and South India Mythology and Temple Tour, January 16 - February 2, 2020

      • This is a supplemental program and requires registration and a supplemental investment.

        • Mandala Assistants, $2408, only two assistant / or alumni positions available

In addition to the above seven main modules and 127 hours of selected electives each teacher in the Mandala experiences a heightened and unique connection to meaning, community, and authentic expression, by engaging the below inspired activations.

The Purpose Project

A Service Study and Activation of 20 Hours

Each member of the Mandala creates a personal passion service project. You do it ON PURPOSE, WITH PURPOSE and FOR PURPOSE; hence, it is our Purpose Project. Select from one of our six arms of activism, seva or service. This encourages each teacher to develop a life long connection and platform of meaning from which authentic teaching, inspiration, and direction can thrive:

  • Planetary – Environmental Social Activism and Service

  • Women – Centered Social Activism and Service

  • LGTBQ - Centered Social Activism and Service

  • Child – Centered Social Activism and Service

  • Poverty Shifting Social Activism and Service

  • Animal Activism and Service

Cultivate a project reflecting twenty hours of applied hours and effort with a clear reflection upon the service. Hopefully, this Purpose Project stays with you, as the service aspect of your developing identity and platform.

The Mentorship Project

Be Inspired, Inspire Others

First, each Mandala teacher mentors directly, five sessions, with Shannon. This teacher – teacher connection builds connection, collaboration and communication. These collaborations are aimed at supporting your personal and professional development as you increase your knowledge, teaching skillsets and cultivate your unique body of work.

Second, Mandala teacher applies him or herself as a mentor to a new Embody 200 hour Yoga Teacher / Student. These collaborations allow a Mandala teacher to attend and participate in the Embody 200 hour program, to deepen and anchor material. Through the process, the Mandala teacher serves as a resource for the junior teacher. There will be online and / or in-person opportunities for those who do not live locally. These connections and relationships will support growth and foster teaching development in both the mentor and mentee.

Finally, in addition to mentoring and being mentored, we encourage each Mandala member to connect with another Mandala member to Peer-mentor one another. Peer mentoring is critical to inspire collaborative teaching skills and teamwork.

We aim for this Mentorship Project to create life long connections and a web of strength and support. 

Final Mandala Requirements

  • Successful completion of 7 Main Modules and related homework.

  • Successful completion of 127 hours of Electives and related homework.

  • Completion of The Purpose Project - a 500 word recap of your experience.

  • Completion of The Mentorship Project - a 500 word recap of your experience.

  • 5 - 500 Word Book Reflections, chosen from the guiding texts paired with each of the modules / immersions.

  • Submission of a 60-75 Minute Class Video, post to your own YouTube Channel.

  • Submission of 2 - 40 Minute Audio Classes.

  • Completion of the Professional Portfolio Items.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Q. Once I begin my training, what happens if I miss a weekend scheduled on the programming calendar?

A. This is a perpetual calendar. Every program, module, and weekend repeats within or the following year. Start anytime, proceed at any pace, and take every module you take in any order.

Q. How do I track my hours?

A. In addition to plotting your course on a grid within the Administrative Folder, be sure to RSVP with Heather for every program that you wish to attend. Reminder / RSVP emails are sent out prior to the weekend, respond directly to her. It is not necessary to RSVP with Shannon. Without an RSVP, you are NOT registered - so stay on it :) Heather's office is the official tracker of all hours.

Q. May I attend a portion of a weekend or program?

A. Partial attendance for a module or weekend is decided on case by case basis and often depends on the module, in particular.

Q. How do I make up hours, should I miss a portion due to illness or emergency?

A. We will have you attend another module or weekend to make up the missed time. You will still be responsible for the content and homework / projects assigned in the original weekend.

Q. What are the required books for the training? What will be the related book expense?

A. Each module and / or program has its own guiding text and potential recommended resources. A comprehensive list exists on a spreadsheet in the Administrative File. With an online world, it is nearly impossible to gauge the going price of any book, sources are vast and the prices keep going down. Books can be purchased extremely inexpensively and used on online sites or even tracked down at a metropolitan libraries.

Q. How do I submit homework and build my 'portfolio'?

A. Each member of the Mandala community will be required to set up an online folder in DropBox and submit projects in unique weekend files within that DB. This will give you a comprehensive body of work to reference, as you continue to develop as a teacher of yoga. After completing the core / main modules, you should have all of the materials compiled for your final portfolio.

Q. How many electives should I attend and which ones?

A. Select electives to the tune of 127 hours. This should be about 5 - 7 of them; however, program hours are listed online, per each and will be totaled, as such. The electives you select should support your interests and specific aims as a growing teacher and practitioner of yoga.

Q. Does attending Shannon's public classes add up to any amount of elective hours?

A. In the event that several elective hours need to be made up by a Mandala member, public class hours can be counted toward elective hours, at a rate of 50% of the time. According to Yoga Alliance, a 60 minute public class, carries a CEU equivalent of 30 minutes CEU.

Q. What happens if I decide to withdraw from the program prior to completion?

A. In the event that a student withdraws from the program, for any reason, CEU’s will be issued for the accumulated hours of study; however, all tuitions paid are non-refundable. The student will retain access to all online programming materials and manual for programs attended, as educational reference.