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Shannon offers personal one-to-one practical and inspirational practice sessions, as well as deeply healing and therapeutic yoga sessions. For yoga professionals, she has a comprehensive mentoring sessions.

Classes are fun, workshops are great, conferences are informative; however, sometimes the relief you need is detailed and the questions are all your own. Perhaps you wish to delve into a sacred text and are looking of some guidance to go along with your personal study and someone to reflect your understanding and queries; maybe you are just about to unlock the secrets of Chaturanga Dandasana and the arm balances it opens; or maybe, you are looking for a pain free day in your lower back and / or hips. Shannon’s over twenty years of uninterrupted practice and vast studies can help unlock the intelligence your body and mind already have stored.

Should you be looking for more formal coaching, Shannon will follow a proven template of success to establish your base values and grow through a method a noting that which sidelines you and effectively stepping across your chasms into confidence and a life of fulfillment and fearlessness.

One-on-One Packages

One-to-One Sessions. Offered in 3 & 5 Session Packages  3 Sessions $225  ($75 per session)  5 Sessions $300 ($60 per session)

Can’t Make it to the Studio?

Practice with Shannon on Gaia  and Yoga Download.

A limited number of sliding scale clients are accepted per month.